Afterword --  June 29th

Excellent turnout.  18--not bad for a poetry reading in Evergreen!  Pre-event supper, at Tequila in Bergen Park, gave our performers, spouses and friends an opportunity to get acquainted--and nourished for the show.

Page Lambert got things underway with readings from two of her books, one a memoir of ranch-life in Wyoming, that included the "ins-and outs" (quotes ours)

of  birthing a calf, and the successful disentangling of a bull snake from a wire fence. A lesson  we learned about prairie conservation:  hoofed animals (buffalo, deer, cattle) provide prints on the ground that collect moisture necessary for the production of grazing land. 


Following a brief intermission to load up on coffee and cookies, Patty Jackson tuned up her guitar and showed that, indeed, her music has been influenced by Joan Baez, whom she had heard as a budding musician in upstate New Work. Her voice is clear and



sweet, and many of her songs were Patty Jackson originals.

Patty Jackson learning about Evergreen at Tequila's, prior to the event.