Red Rocks Community College

Candace Kearns earned a BFA (NYU) and an MFA (Antioch University--LA). She has worked as a story analyst to major talent agencies and production companies. Her screenplays have been in development at major studios, and she has written many screenplays "for hire."  She is the author of Shaping True Story into Screenplay, The Rope Swing: A Memoir, and co-author of Bogie's Bike. She has also published many essays.

Kevin J. Kelley grew up in the high desert countryside of southwest Idaho. His writings have appeared in Entropy, Eastern Iowa Review,The Air Literary Magazine and is forthcoming in The Massachusetts Review . He holds an MFA from the University of Wyoming, and he currently teaches and writes in Colorado.


Kevin J. Kelley

Stina French hails from North Carolina, and if you look closely you can still see the welts from the Bible Belt. She has featured at the Podeo, F-Bomb, At the Inkwell, The Running of The Gays, Punditry, Jazzetry, and Denver Lit Crawl and published on the podcast Wichcraftsy.


Candace Kearns


Stina French