Page Lambert   grew up in the Colorado mountains, where she

fell in  love with the harebells, wild onions,  and gangly ponderosas.  In her teens, she courted the North Platte River, cottonwood trees, horses and frogs.  She's been "writing nature" since the mid-80s, when she moved to a small ranch in the Black Hills of Wyoming.  A presenter of over 260 seminars, workshops and conferences, she designs and  teaches graduate writing courses for the University of Denver's  Professional  

Creative Writing Master's Program.  Lambert is also an adviser for the Rocky Mountain Land Library and member of the International League of Conservation Writers.  She has been writing about the western landscape and leading nature retreats in the West for more than twenty years.  Founding member of Women Writing the West, member of Wyoming Writers and Colorado Authors' League,  Lamber's writing can be found inside monumenal  sculptures at the Denver Art Museum, online at Huffington Post and inside the pages of dozens of anthologies. Recent published works include "Not for Sale" (Landscape Magazine) and "The Rural West" included in Fulcrum's new book, The Light Shines from the West.  Lambert writes the blog "All Things Literary/All Things Natural" from her mountain home west of Denver.