First, dinner at Willow Creek, overlooking the lake in Evergreen.  Delicious,  artful presentation. On to the venue.

Jim and Pat Keller, away on vacation at Grand Lake, might have have reduced the audience by a good 20% , but new arrivals filled the gap, and two read in the open mic segment. For the main event, Kelly and Pam stood side by side, read back and forth, exchanging poems about Kansas, where both grew up. Banter and mild disagreement added flavor.  Be it known, our tech guy solved the coffee pot problem and people enjoyed decaf and regular coffee, for a change.

Kelly's chapbooks, The Disambiguation  of Katydids 

and  Walter's Yard,  were on sale at Hearthfire Books and at last word have sold out. 





 Pamela Yenser

Jon Kelly Yenser