John Macker

John Macker

Award-Winning poet/short story writer/essayist John Macker lives in Santa Fe, NM. His latest book is Blood in the Mix (with El Paso poet Lawrence Welsh) Lummox Press, 2015. In 2014 Disassembled

Badlands was published (the 3rd book in the Disassembled Badlands trilogy) and available at fine local bookshops. Other books include Woman of the Disturbed Earth, Wyoming Arcane ( Mad Blood magazine #5), Underground Sky, Adventures in the Gun Trade, Las Montanas de Santa Fe, and The Royal Road: Impressions of El Camino Real (both in limited edition and with woodblock art

by Leon Loughbridge,). In 2006, he edited the Desert Shovel Review.  Was recipient of Mad Blood magazine's 2006 first annual literary arts award.   He's also the recipient of the 2001 Colorado Arts "Tombstone" Award for poetry, presented in Denver. He has been nominated for two Pushcart Small Press Prizes. In 2009, his books were featured in A Mile High and Underground, an exhibit of Denver literary his history, Aurora Campus, spnsored the the Colorado Historical Society.