Berthnath & Fahrion

People in the audience who expected just another piano recital  were in for a surprise. Stacy Fahrion, a tall woman  dressed in black with long black hair and a wry smile, arrived at the Church last Saturday night like trouble for the orthodoxy. With stunning agility, Ms Fahrion performed her original arrangements of Bach and Mozart jig-sawed together with nursery rhymes, evoking the late piano comedian, Victor Borgia. Toward the end, with apologies to a staff member soon to be ,married, Ms Fahrion offered a rendition of Mendelssohn's wedding march that suggested, loudly, that marriage might be a bad idea.


Jimi opened with a recitation of Whittier's

"Orphant Annie"   (An' the Gobble-uns 'at gits you Ef you Don't Watch Out!), belying his appearance as an elder hippie. You know you're in the right place when a poet actually recites poetry. Jimi Bernath's most recent book, face of the snail, is a collection of haiku--all beautiful, some that strike home:

     sparrow dropping

     on my page

      saves me from cleverness 

Open mic readers: Jerry Smaldone, Kit Hedman,Cyndeth Hedma, Guillermo Lazo,

Joe Fleenor.

Great turn out!