about the series

MAD BLOOD began 14 years ago as a print magazine created by our friend and colleague, Padma Thornlyre.  Whether by luck or by diligence,  Padma found the magazine's title in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, in words spoken by Benvolio to Mercurio imploring him to avoid a contest with the Capulets "...for now, in these hot days is the mad blood stirring."--a caution for our times, as well. The magazine folded after six issues but reemerged as an eponymous reading series drawing poets, musicians and fine artists from all over the West.  Padma has since begun work on new projects from his home in New Mexico. The current producers of MAD BLOOD, Jim Keller and Murray Moulding, hope to live up to their colleague's mandate to join great audiences with great art, without which neither can endure.